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  American Express the worst credit card.
  Here is why we no longer accept American Express:
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  Looking for Free Sex? - Details a brothel's in Australia fight against AMEX
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  Leave Home Without it!
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  Millennium Tax Nightmare - Another message board to discuss AMEX - This site is no longer available. - American Express
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  CreditNet - StraightTalk: ....what happened w/Amex ??
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  AMEX Publishing Corp. Required to Make Changes in Sweepstakes Promotions
  American Express Gender Case - Information on the AMEX discrimination case against women
  Disciplinary Action against AMEX Financial Advisors - Texas
  Disciplinary Action against AMEX Financial Advisors - Arizona
  What it's like to work for American Express - Canada!
  Rational Lunacy - American Express
  American Express Financial Advisors Class Action Lawsuits: Benacquisto, Thoresen
  Are American Express Fair?
  American Express Really Sucks - ! ! Do ! ! Leave Home Without It ! !

Sites that are worth visiting...

  Banks, credit, & financial services alerts
  Federal Consumer Credit Protection Laws
  Corporate Dirt Archives
  Multinational Monitor - Links Page

Partner Links...

  Consumer Education Junction Articles on credit scoring, corporate deception, debt, fair credit reporting, credit card company tricks, health club memberships, free stuff and more.
  Gripe About Anything Gripe About Anything.
  Flying J Sucks Flying J Sucks.
  AMS Debt Collection Agency National Commercial Debt Collection agency,based out of Tampa Florida.
  Credit card reviews and applications - Offers consumer reports of U.S. credit cards. As featured in "The Wall Street Journal," "USA Today" and PBS. Courtesy of Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms, Inc.
  Rock Out Censorship Welcome to the official web site of Rock Out Censorship. We are a grass roots anti-censorship organization seeking to counteract efforts being made across the political spectrum to deprive us of our First Amendment rights.
  Professor Krumme: University of Washington - Corporate Web Sites
  James Lippard: - Sometimes You have To Just Call 'em Like You See 'em
  The Great Speckled Bird - Boycotts
  Johnny Jet's Unhappy Traveler : Corporate Wars - War Link
  AmEx Organizing Campaign 2002 - Canada
  Class Action Litigation - Litigation Sites - Chronicling web "gripe sites"
  Reporting Computer Gripes
  A-Z Free Investment Data Free stock market and mutual fund information, Free RRSP Information, Free Canadian and United States stock quotes, investing data, a glossary of stock, mutual fund financial terms, and definitions. Plus Free stock market games, to learn and have fun. Free stuff and special offers when available.
  A gazillion links to Colorado ColoradoLinks.Net is a portal containing over 16,000 links to Colorado web sites and information.

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